Monday, January 24, 2011

Domodedovo Airport bomb blast reminds us that Russia has an islamist problem, too (UPDATE: Video added)


Updated to add links and video.

An explosion has ripped through Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport—the busiest such facility in Russia. While the AP is cautiously suggesting that it was caused by a suicide bomber, it reminds us that Russia has an islamicist problem, too.

The country has been fighting islamic separatists in the Caucasus region of Chechnya, and while there have been few incidents of late, the separatists have perpetrated some horrific and bloody attacks in the past.

Ed Morrissey at notes from the AP story that In 2004, suicide bombers boarded airplanes at Domodedovo by bribing airport personnel. The bombers blew themselves up in mid-air, killing all 90 people aboard the two flights.

But a few weeks after that event, 32 heavily armed islamic militants guerrillas seized a school in Beslan near the border with Chechnya, and held more than 1,000 children, teachers and parents hostage.  That incident left 335 hostages dead—including 186 children—and  hundreds more wounded.

Islamicists don’t care who they kill. If they’ll mow down innocent children in a hail of gunfire and incendiary bombs, what’s a few dozen busy travelers at Moscow’s busiest airport?

Look, we know who these people are. We know their ethnicity. We know their religious affiliation. We know their genders and approximate age ranges. We also know that they intend to kill us and they are more than willing to be blown to bits themselves in the name of Allah!

How many more people need to die before the west realizes that these people need to be profiled, isolated and scrutinized before being even allowed within spitting distance of large congregations of the public?

Americans, Britons, Spaniards, Frenchmen and Russians need to wake up. We are at war with religious fanatics and their “soldiers” are among us.

Update: Video from the scene, moments after the blast. Warning: Some graphic images may be visible.



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