Saturday, January 8, 2011

CamGate: NCAA still interviewing witnesses regarding Cam Newton’s recruitment

image Two days before Cam Newton leads his team in pursuit of Auburn’s first ever legitimate National Championship, Fox Sports’ Thayer Evans reports that the NCAA has been interviewing witnesses in connection with the league’s ongoing investigation into Newton’s recruitment.

Evans’ piece appeared late Friday night, just in time to stir up another round of media buzz and controversy just before Newton and Auburn take the field against Oregon in the BCS Championship Game on Monday night in Glendale, Arizona.

Thayer writes:

NCAA investigators have interviewed two Atlanta-area men about whether they were asked to or did deliver money to the father of Auburn quarterback Cameron Newton in connection with repairs to Cecil Newton Sr.’s church in Newnan, Ga.

Emory Wilcox and Eddie Norris were separately questioned the week before Christmas by two NCAA investigators, one of which was Jackie Thurnes, the NCAA’s associate director of enforcement.

Wilcox and Norris, listed on separate city permits for work to be done on Cecil Newton’s struggling Holy Zion Center of Deliverance, each told the NCAA investigators that they were never asked to deliver nor did they deliver money to Newton.

“There may be something there, but nothing related to me,” Norris told

NCAA spokeswoman Stacey Osborne declined comment, citing the NCAA’s policy of not commenting on current, pending or potential investigations.

The interviews are part of the NCAA’s enforcement investigation into the recruitment of Cameron Newton, whose father shopped him to Mississippi State for $180,000 in an attempted play-for-plan scheme.

Emphasis added.

Contrast Evans’ understanding of the current situation with the meme being peddled by the Alabama state media cartel,, and purported “beat writer” Charles Goldberg. If one reads Goldberg’s “reporting” on a regular basis, you’re fed this nonsense:

**Newton said while his father is coming to Arizona, it doesn't mean he's going to the game. The NCAA told Auburn it should limit Cecil Newton Sr.'s contact after it found he sought money from Mississippi State boosters for his son to play there. The NCAA didn't find any wrongdoing involving Cam Newton and Auburn.

"My dad is coming to Arizona, I'm not aware if he's coming to the game," the quarterback said. "My mom has not sent me the list. Not to single out my father, but I want my mom there, I want my brothers there and I want my aunts there, and that's going to play a role in me being comfortable going into this game."

Read the in-state coverage of the NCAA investigation and the ongoing investigations into political corruption and financial fraud, and one would think that there’s nothing going on here. The NCAA already investigated this whole thing, and found nothing wrong.

There’s no connection whatsoever between the alleged pay-for-play scheme and no possibility whatsoever of a criminal enterprise influencing—perhaps even controlling—a major college athletics program. That criminal enterprise has thought nothing of concocting shady deals to commit bank fraud. It’s accused of trying to buy the votes of corrupt politicians and ruin the careers of its critics. But none of that is real, if you live in the 334 area code and you’re part of the “fambly.” It’s all a big conspiracy cooked up by jealous bammers and other SEC rivals.


How much farther can an ostrich get its scruffy little head in the sand?

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