Monday, January 31, 2011

BingoGate: Feds filing under seal – An omen?

On pins and needles?

I wish I had more stirring news to report, but this could turn out to be quite significant.

The Department of Justice today requested permission from the Court to file—under seal—a motion for a protective order:


There are only two reasons why the government would seek a protective order. One is to protect individuals from the disclosure of sensitive information (medical conditions, for example).  The other is to facilitate the search for truth, promote justice and protect the integrity of ongoing investigation and prosecution.

Since recent activity and court filings strongly suggest that the government is closing in on potential new targets, and since one of the first actions taken by the government before arresting the Bingo 11 was to ask the Court to seal the case while indictments were served and suspects were taken into custody, one wonders if the next chapter is about to be written, here.

Sealing the documents prevents public access to them, so we won’t know if the motion above covers such mundane matters as an undisclosed medical condition or a serious new matter, like a new round of indictments or a new plea bargain deal.

Update to add: McGregor had filed his own motion to compel access to evidence, and also did so under seal. Apparently, the Court has ruled on that motion and the government is either in the process of producing it, or has produced it today. Today’s motion requesting a protective order—if it pertains to protecting the integrity of investigation and prosecution—has an important meaning. Since all defendants in this case will have access to the evidence sought by McGregor, Coker and Gilley, and since the government is not blocking their access but access to the public, it stands to reason that any new targets in the expanded probe are outside of the original 11.

Stay tuned…






Anonymous said...

anyone here want to join Heavens Gate II?

David L. said...

"anyone here want to join Heavens Gate II?"


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