Thursday, November 25, 2010

How’s this for a BCS cluster fark?

Right now, everyone wonders which of the four remaining undefeated teams eligible for the BCS National Championship Game gets left at the altar.  I decided I’d see how things could get so screwed up that everyone—from the talking heads at ESPN to Joe Sixpack the Fan—are left scratching their heads and wondering “WTF just happened?” 

Here’s my doomsday scenario (all rankings are BCS):

November 26:

#11 Alabama defeats #2 Auburn in Iron Bowl LXXV

Nevada pistols #4 Boise State

November 27:

Penn State knocks off #10 Michigan State

#13 Oklahoma knocks off #9 Oklahoma State

Michigan upsets #8 Ohio State

Northwestern stuns #7 Wisconsin

Oregon State shocks #6 Stanford

Arkansas blows out #5 LSU

#3 TCU survives scare from New Mexico

Arizona stops #1 Oregon

When the BCS standings are released on Sunday November 28, here’s the Top 5:

  1. TCU
  2. Alabama
  3. Oklahoma
  4. Oregon
  5. Auburn

Then, in the SEC Championship Game, South Carolina fixes the problems it had against Auburn earlier in the season and wins the rematch at the Georgia Dome. None of the other games that weekend would matter, since Alabama and TCU will have finished their regular seasons and face no more chances to be dislodged.

The BCS Championship Game would then feature:

 image VS image


And of course, Mark Ingram, Trent Richardson, Julio Jones, Marcel Dareus and Greg McElroy would successfully defend their title and win the Crimson Tide’s 14th National Championship.

Happy Thanksgiving!  Please be safe.  Keep your enemies close and your friends closer…


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