Friday, November 19, 2010

Dear TSA: This has got to stop

The Transportation Security Administrations needs to put a stop to this full body scan or pat down foolishness.  Somewhere in the Obama regime, a grownup needs to step up and put an end to this sickening invasion of our privacy.  Today, Gateway Pundit has a snippet from a story which reports on TSA singling out a 12-year old girl and forcing her through the scanning system while traveling without her parents.  It’s an outrage. reported on the July incident:

A Baltimore family is raising the issue after their 12-year-old daughter was pulled out of line in Tampa and subjected to what they say was an embarrassing and unhealthy scan. The girl was traveling with an adult friend of the family, not her parents.

“Our daughter was scared and didn’t understand what was happening,” said Michelle Nemphos, the mother of the girl. She declined to give her daughter’s name. “In essence they conducted a strip search on a 12-year-old girl without her parents present to advocate for her.”

• • •

The girl told her story in a phone interview:

Okay, I was coming home to Baltimore, Md., from Siesta Key, Fla., and I was with my friend and her parents and I was going to this airport security check.

I put my bag through, and they pulled me aside and told me to go over here. I thought it was some high-tech scan and I walked right through it and this lady said ‘”Hold on, you can’t just walk through this thing. Put your feet on the yellow footsteps and make a triangle above your head.” I guess it was so they could see my whole body.

I heard a beep and she said, “Okay you can leave.”

I heard one of the guards say “affirmative on the female,” and I knew they were talking about me. And that made me worried.

I couldn’t see my friend and her dad, and I was really worried that I was separated from them. I was trying to look happy when I saw them but inside I was really scared.

• • •

When the girl first got home to Baltimore, she didn’t mention the beaches she’d visited or her trip to the aquarium. All she wanted to talk about was what happened at the airport.

“Why did they pick me?” the girl asked her mother.

Even more outrageous—refuse to go through the scanner, and a TSA employee does a full-body pat down.  Full Body. Even if the subject is a three year old child.

Look, we know who the likely suspects are.  We know their ethnic backgrounds.  We know they’re predominantly male.  We know they’re between the ages of 18 and 40-something. We know their religious affiliation, and we generally know where they were born.  But instead of junking the “PC mantra” and profiling middle eastern, male muslims, this administration is  subjecting Caucasian toddlers and to “inappropriate touching” watching tweeners go through the Nakie Scan. It’s got to stop, TSA.


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