Friday, October 15, 2010

Why are Obama and Biden campaigning for Chris Coons?

Don’t the polls show that Chris Coons, the Democrat for Delaware’s Senate seat, leads the race over Republican Christine O’Donnell by anywhere from 11 points (Rasmussen) to 20 points (Monmouth)?  If these polls are accurate, then why are the Democrats’ #1 and #2 dogs going to bat for Coons?

President Barack Obama’s efforts to stave off Democratic losses in the Nov. 2 congressional elections take him today to Delaware, where the party’s chances of holding a Senate seat have risen.

Obama will be joined by Vice President Joe Biden at a fundraiser for Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Chris Coons at the Grand Opera House in Wilmington, the state’s largest city.

A recent poll in the state gives Coons, 47, county executive of New Castle County, Delaware’s largest county, a 19- point lead over Republican Christine O’Donnell, 41, a marketing consultant.

White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer said Obama was making the campaign stop because the contest is “important” and the political climate this year is volatile.

“We leave no stone unturned in this unpredictable electoral environment,” Pfeiffer said.

Coons is supposedly leading by double digits, after Columbus Day, and despite a decent showing by O’Donnell during their recent debate.  This race is all but over.  Isn’t it?

Color me suspicious, but this isn’t about leaving no stone unturned, as Pfeiffer puts it.  This is either about avoiding the embarrassment of losing the seat long held by Joe Biden, meaning that the regime thinks face-saving is more important than winning close races (Nevada, California, Pennsylvania); or the regime has some data that shows this isn’t a double-digit race at all.


O’Donnell has been running a pretty decent campaign.  Her “image” ads are good stuff.  She also has the support of nearly all conservative opinion movers and she has been a fundraising animal since the primary victory over Mike Castle. Perhaps the regime has caught whiff of an ill wind in Delaware, and are rushing in to shore up Coons in the hopes that November 2 isn’t a complete debacle for the White House.


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