Friday, October 15, 2010

Five Myths about Sarah Palin (plus one more)

A surprisingly good read from Matthew Continetti in the Washington Post.  He lists five things you thought you knew about the unconventional political dynamo from Alaska, and does a fair job of destroying the narrative:


  1. image Palin cost McCain the election.
  2. Resigning as governor was rash.
  3. Palin and the Tea Party are destroying the GOP.
  4. Palin is extreme.
  5. Palin is unelectable.


Continetti’s – and the Post’s – journalistic fairness is a rare treat.  But there’s one other thing you thought you knew about Sarah Palin that’s no less a myth  than any of the above.

Neither the left nor the talking heads on MSNBC and CNN have properly estimated her. 

Sarah Palin has been taught a cruel lesson by the way she was treated by the media in the 2008 campaign, and that lesson is that when you play by their rules, the media determines whether you win or lose.  So, what Mrs. Palin has done is create her own set of rules, and shove them down the throat of those who would relish the opportunity to “interview” her again.

Palin has bypassed the mainstream media altogether, and is now speaking directly to the American people in ways that the media can’t control or attenuate.  She is a very tough, very smart and very instinctual woman.  When you hear the media talking heads explain what "Palin needs to do,” rest assured that she will most likely do exactly the opposite, and speak her message directly into the ears of the American people.

You betcha.

Page linked by Texas for Sarah Palin.  Thanks!


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