Monday, October 4, 2010

What They’re Saying: Alabama Crimson Tide Dismantles Florida Gators

image Dennis Dodd, CBS Sports: This Alabama team … plays with more confidence than last year's. That team thought it could do it. This one knows it. Saban has kept the accomplished hungry by creating competition. The defense keeps driving because it can't possibly be as good as last season's unit. Except that it's headed that way.

Randy Kennedy, Mobile Press-Register: Win No. 19 in a row for Alabama did more than maintain the Crimson Tide's No. 1 ranking. It solidified Alabama as the country's best program. And it's not even close.

Mr. College Football with Tony Barnhardt: Alabama looked at the Florida threat and barely broke a sweat Saturday night. I still have people who are telling me that Alabama can’t go 12-0 for the third straight consecutive regular season? So I’ll ask you: Who is going to beat this team? Nobody in college football is playing with as much talent, power, coaching, and attitude as the Crimson Tide right now.

Dan Wetzel, Yahoo Sports: Saban has managed to convince his guys in two seemingly dissimilar concepts – that the Tide is great enough to dominate any team in America, yet not nearly good enough to assume they can beat anyone. It’s a combination of outrageous confidence and a deep fear of failure. When packaged together what you get is this – a team that is physical, fast and focused.

Chris Low, ESPN: We were pretty sure that Alabama was the class of the SEC going into Saturday night’s contest with Florida. Now, there’s no doubt after seeing the Crimson Tide manhandle the Gators 31-6 in a game that was never really close.

Jess Nicholas, Editor-in-Chief,  Alabama’s opponents are hoping the Crimson Tide’s defense truly is sleight-of-hand, and that somewhere there is a talisman that can translate Saban’s defensive schemes and show them the path to enlightenment. But unless something changes, the only path through either Alabama’s offense or its defense is the one that leads to the place described in Dante’s “Inferno”: Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

I’ll add this:  Right now, the only team that can beat Alabama is…  Well, Alabama. 


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