Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Vote Fraud, Texas Style

How do you stop a wave?  Cheat.

Allegations are swirling around Harris County, Texas (Houston metro area) that SEIU and local Democrats are harassing, intimidating or tricking Republican voters.  Early voting started last Monday in Harris County and the charges of improper behavior started almost immediately.

In August, Harris County’s registrar and chief election officer Leo Vasquez reported that thousands of fraudulent voter registration forms were turned in by Houston Votes, a group that walks like an ACORN, smells like ACORN and quacks like ACORN.

You would think that these allegations would be taken seriously by those responsible for enforcing Texas election law.  But, the Harris County Attorney, Vince Ryan, is a partisan hack.

He didn’t start looking into allegations until local Democrats complained that Republican poll watchers were doing stuff like…  well, watching polls.  In Pajamas Media, there’s a story today revealing some of the shenanigans being pulled by fraudsters.

These people have no desire whatsoever to have ordinary, honest citizens casting a single vote after careful consideration of candidate qualifications and positions.  They don’t want ordinary, honest citizens monitoring the voting process or reporting activities such as busing in hordes of illegal aliens and having them cast ballots that are already filled out.

Like I said yesterday, if these races are close then the fraudsters will win. 

When you go vote—and I’m sure you will GO AND VOTE—make sure you have your camera or phone handy.  Stick around a while before and after voting.  Look around.  If you see purple T-shirts, take photos.  If you see thuggish looking dudes wearing paramilitary costumes and acting like two-bit club bouncers, take video and report them to your local election officials.


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