Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Civility must rule the day

Disturbing news out of Louisville, Kentucky this morning.  Just before last night’s debate between Republican Rand Paul and Democrat Jack Conway, a scuffle ensued when a moveon.org member attempted to approach Paul and give him a fake medal.  Paul supporters accosted the woman, removed her wig and forced her to the ground. Video at the scene then shows a Paul supporter intentionally placing his foot on her head.  The video report from Fox 41 news calls it “stomping.” Whatever.

While the woman had absolutely no business trying to approach a candidate for the US Senate, and while moveon.org has a long and sordid history of such stagecraft, the response was a foolish overreaction.

Melissa Clouthier points out that media outrage over last night’s incident is curious, considering that a peaceful Tea Partier had a finger bitten off by a moveon.org activist last year, and that the organization still refuses to identify the perpetrator of  that assault.  You may also recall a June altercation, in which a union thug slugged a North Carolina Tea Party activist.

image What’s up with all the heated emotions, anyway?  Could it be that the post-partisan, post-racial, hopey changey President is out there describing some Americans as “enemies?” And urging supporters to “punish” people who don’t toe his radical line?

Civility must rule the day. Conservatives should have the intestinal fortitude to not be drawn down to the gutter that that the left works in.  We should have better self-discipline than to allow ourselves to be caught up in the emotion of the moment and react with violence.

We’re better than that, because we’re better than they are. 

Let the moonbats behave like moonbats.  The proper response to moonbattery is to point, laugh and ridicule. Not assault.

That’s the way moonbats behave.  It should not be the way conservatives behave. 


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