Wednesday, October 13, 2010

THIS is Charlie Crist’s “major announcement?”


Former Headline: Charlie Crist to make “major announcement?”

An update to this morning’s post.

Tune in at 10:30 EDT, live from Deerfield Beach.  Allahpundit wonders what the shifty bastidge is up to.

There’s apparently no way Crist can win with Meek in the race.  Likewise, there’s no path for Meek to win with Crist in the race.

  The skinny:

The average of recent polls compiled by shows Rubio pulling 43.6 percent support, Crist 28.4 percent and Meek with 21.4 percent, suggesting the only real contest is whether Crist or Meek finishes in second place.

Meanwhile, an automated poll released Tuesday by Public Policy Polling found that if Meek dropped out, Crist and Rubio would be tied at 46 percent, but if Crist dropped out, Rubio would lead Meek 48 percent to 41 percent. With the current field, the poll showed Rubio with 44 percent support, compared to 33 for Crist and 21 for Rubio. Among Democrats, Crist and Meek were effectively tied, while Crist had 14 percent of Republicans and 50 percent of independents.


He announces that he’s bowing out and endorsing Meek.

He announces that he’s bowing out and endorsing…  Rubio.

He announces that he’s in it to win it, and that if he does win it, he’ll caucus with the Democrats and help re-elect Harry Reid as Majority Leader (assuming Reid beats Angle, no sure thing).

My sense—he’s going to announce that NASA and the Chilean Government have teamed up to send a rescue capsule down to get him out of the hole he’s been in since announcing an independent bid for the Florida Senate seat.

I’m on the edge of my seat.

UPDATE:  This?  This is the “major announcement” that kept political junkies tossing and turning through the night?

ST. PETERSBURG – Governor Charlie Crist, independent candidate for the United States Senate, will greet voters and receive the endorsement of prominent environmentalist and Democratic leader Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. The support of the son of the former Democratic presidential candidate, and nephew of the former President and Senator, represents yet another step toward Crist building the winning coalition of Democrats, Republicans, and independents require to defeat Tea Party extremist [sic].

It changes nothing.  Crist still can’t win with Meek in the race, and Meek still can’t win with Crist in the race.

Rubio beats 'em both.


rikdergis said...

C'mon we all knew that Gov. Sunkist was too egotistical to bail out of this race.

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