Friday, October 29, 2010

Authorities investigating “suspicious packages” aboard multiple aircraft. Dirty Bombs? UPDATED

Obviously a developing story.

image Authorities are investigating a suspicious package found on a UPS plane that arrived at Philadelphia International Airport Friday.

A crew member arriving on a UPS flight from Paris notified authorities of a suspicious package on board describing a potential radiological component, a local CBS affiliate reported.

Philadelphia police and firefighters greeted the inbound flight shortly after 9 a.m. and the two occupants exited the aircraft, the station reported.

Potential radiological component?

This has all the markings of an Al Qaeda plot to blow up aircraft over major US cities, using radiological material.  Aka, Dirty Bomb.

Fox News is also reporting that the packages are said to have originated in Yemen. That’s where this worthless piece of human scum lives.


Updates as they become available.

UPDATE 11:15 CDT: Fox is now reporting that there are no radiological components found.

UPDATE 11:50 CDT: Associated Press and Fox News are both reporting that the planes were halted and searched after receiving tips from an “overseas ally.”  Fox News continues to suggest that this “could be” a terrorist dry run.

I don’t think so.  Terrorists don’t do dry runs.  If they see a weakness they can exploit, they exploit it. Calling it a dry run is like saying a sniper shoots blanks to see if he can fire on his target without detection…

UPDATE 14:00 CDT: Fox News Channel now reporting that a civilian, commercial passenger airliner is being escorted to JFK Airport.

UPDATE 14:30 CDT: Aircraft now on the ground. @Foxnews twitter account says “United Arab Emirates official tells AP that package found in air cargo shipment in Dubai from Yemen contained 'explosive device'.”


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