Sunday, September 26, 2010

Redistributing wealth with the Gulf Coast Claims Facility

imagePresident Barack Hussein Obama famously said, “I do think at a certain point, you’ve made enough money.”  This man, this regime is hell bent on making sure the rich suffer the consequences of rapaciously accumulating all of that wealth.  So much so, that they are apparently attempting to redistribute it even with the Gulf Coast Claims Facility.  The GCCF is the apparatus that distributes the $20 billion slush fund that the regime arm-twisted out of BP.  The GCCF is administered by none other than the former “Pay Czar,” Kenneth Feinberg.  You know, the guy who said he’d be “uncompensated” for that position but got a six-figure salary, anyway.

In a story from yesterday’s Mobile Press-Register:

Business owners and public officials in Baldwin County say they are alarmed by reports of employees receiving more money for oil spill claims than owners of the businesses they work for.

It is just another aspect of their biggest problem with Ken Feinberg’s Gulf Coast Claims Facility — that business owners near Baldwin County’s once-lucrative beaches get checks that cover only a fraction of losses suffered after the oil spill began keeping tourists at bay.

David Wright is an extreme example. The owner of an Elberta company that builds high-end homes for people who plan to either retire or vacation on the coast, Wright had to lay off his 15 workers when his customers canceled contracts after the April 20 spill.

Rob Manney, a supervisor on Wright’s crew, said he got checks totaling 80 percent of his personal claim with Feinberg’s operation.

Wright’s business claim was denied.

“How do you pay an employee and not the business?” Wright asked. “It’s anti-business.”

Feinberg did not respond to requests for comment made to his media representative.

Feinberg says that the GCCF is not under the direction of BP or the regime.  That, obviously, is a bunch of shit. There is only one reason why Wright’s employees are getting claims checks and business owners like Wright are not—it’s class discrimination.  “Bourgeoisie” business owners like Wright are the people who create the jobs that drive this economy.  But to the Obama regime, men like Wright are guilty of building wealth on the sweat and blood of their employees.  So, when the opportunity arises to “make it right,” they do so.  They deny legitimate claims submitted by business owners while approving the claims of the businesses’ employees.

I am no fan of the $20 billion slush fund.  It’s just another way for the regime to pick winners and losers.  Or, in this case, to pick those who suffer a little and those who suffer a lot. 

The regime’s complete ineptitude in responding to the disaster—as documented in the Deepwater Horizon Incident Timeline on this blog—shows that it is incapable of managing any significant enterprise or effort.  It inevitably allows politics to color its decision-making process, and shamefully allows ideology to pollute what should be a straightforward process of settling claims.


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