Friday, September 10, 2010

Questions I would ask President Obama at today’s White House presser

  1. Mr. President, what do you have to say to the half-million people who lost their jobs while you vacationed at Martha’s Vineyard?
  2. Mr. President, have you spoken with Imam Rauf about the controversy surrounding the Ground Zero mosque?
  3. Followup: Will you ask Imam Rauf to move the facility to a different location?
  4. Mr. President, Pastor Terry Jones has said he would cancel his planned Quran burning if he got a call from you.  Have you called him, yet?
  5. Mr. President, please explain why you think extending tax cuts for all Americans is a bad idea.
  6. Mr. President, if a couple owns a small business and makes more than $250,000, isn’t it true that they will see enough of a tax increase to start laying off employees?
  7. Mr. President, why have you added more to the national debt than any of your 43 predecessors?
  8. Mr. President, why did you neglect to even mention the Gulf Oil Spill in seven straight weekend radio addresses?
  9. Mr. President, how many jobs will be lost if you continue to enforce the deepwater drilling moratorium?
  10. Mr. President, exactly what did you know about the job offer to Mr. Sestak of Pennslyvania, and when did you know it?

Those are just the 10 off the top of my head, and I didn’t even get to the hidden economic daggers now being discovered in Obamacare and the financial regulation reform legislation.  Feel free to add more, if you wish.  The President’s first news conference since May 28 starts today at 11:00 EDT.


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