Wednesday, September 1, 2010

For Obama, Iraq is just an unpleasant distraction

It could not have been more clear last night.  Operation Iraqi Freedom—the combat operations that ostensibly ended yesterday—has been nothing more than an unpleasant distraction for President Obama.  For that matter, so too has been the war in Afghanistan.  Then-commanding General Stanley McChrystal hand delivered a request for additional troops in one year ago this month.  Obama declared himself a “skeptical audience” and shelved the plan. 

The Commander in Chief is a skeptical audience to a field commander’s considered request for more troops, in an area of the world that Obama himself once declared the forgotten war? Oh, these pesky “overseas contingency operations.” They keep getting in the way of the the whole fundamental transformation process.

In Obama’s world view, America really does not have any adversaries, and anyone who does have differences with the United States merely holds a grudge against us.  They’re merely victims of our own imperialistic or capitalistic aggression.  All we have to do is apologize to the world for our arrogance, and all will be well.  America can then take her place among the rest of the non-exceptional world, and let the United Nations impose toothless sanctions against aggressors.

That allows him time to focus on his real job, which is sticking it to the bourgeoisie by taking over huge chunks of a once thriving private sector economy.  In his quest for the “fundamental transformation” of the American experience, this President looks for his next takeover opportunity in much the same way you or I would thumb through the yellow pages. Manufacturing?  Been there.  The financial sector? Got that.  Healthcare? Owned. Energy production? Moratorium. 

What’s next? Wait…  we need some money, here.

Unfortunately, over the last decade, we have not done what is necessary to shore up the foundation of our own prosperity. We have spent a trillion dollars at war, often financed by borrowing from overseas. This, in turn, has short-changed investments in our own people, and contributed to record deficits.

Last night’s speech from the Oval Office had nothing to do with Iraq.  That was a speech telling the American people that he’s done spending money fighting our enemies abroad; that his focus will now shift back to fighting the enemy within.  And in his view, the enemy within is a free enterprise system that allows you and I the economic freedom to choose how we spend our money, how we invest and save, how we conduct our business and how we hire, train and utilize labor to produce wealth.  The enemy is capitalism, and he’s not going to be satisfied until the means of production becomes a “public good.”

Faced with such a monumental undertaking, defeating radical islamic terrorists in faraway lands are just a very unpleasant distraction.

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Anonymous said...

Your analysis is correct however, I would add that in Obama's view, it is not enough to simply apologize, he feels we must make restitution for our supposed wrong-doings.

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