Monday, August 23, 2010

Wikileaks’ founder Julian Assange and the “Honey Trap”

I’m more convinced than ever.  Julian Assange was the target in a botched attempt of the age-old ploy known as the Honey Trap. 

The game works thusly:

  • A subject is identified as a potential source of intelligence, or is identified as a potential problem for an ongoing operation.
  • An attractive operative, usually a contact of the subject, or someone who is at least known to  someone in his circle of contacts, lets the subject know that he or she is interested in ‘extracurricular’ activities.
  • The operative gains the confidence of the subject, and the two engage in at least one encounter.
  • During their encounter(s), the operative clandestinely collects evidence of their activities, including DNA, an item or two of clothing, spent prophylactics, etc.
  • At an opportune time, the trap is sprung by the organization conducting the exercise, and the subject is either compromised into cooperating or if a crime is alleged, the subject is silenced by incarceration.

Assange is publicly saying he was the target of a smear campaign. News reports do not say whether the alleged encounter(s) occurred or not, which means that they probably did.

Consider also the curious timing of the allegations. Just before Assange’s organization is set to release a potentially damaging  cache of secret documents, he’s accused of rape and someone in the Swedish constabulary “leaks” Assange’s name and indictment.  Things that make you go “hmmm.”

So how did this one go wrong?  It’s all speculation, but I suspect that Swedish officials smelled the “honey” and realizing that Assange was being set up, dropped the charges.

What a tangled web we weave…

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Musik Studienstätte Sprechende Töne said...

Is there anyone out there? Hello-hoo? Someone giving a first opinion? OK then,
I believe this is is both: A trap and a real story same time. Because as life happens the trap comes immediately after. As soon as the life gets you into trouble, and it could really be anything going wrong, it is woven into the pattern of dirty tricks. Called Anti-Hegelianism it is just what happens to you, and the reason why it should go wrong is the reverse gear to the 'Thesis Antithesis Synthesis Triangle'.

Anonymous said...

Sure!This was a honeytrap.Some swedish whores have long commitments to SAPO (the candestine police in Sweden) and other not so sofisticated
informers.They get money and privileges for that.Known for a long time.So watch up for swedish "girls"!

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