Monday, August 23, 2010

Ten things Obama WILL do in seven weeks

obamaspeakingapjaechongThe near meltdown of panic gripping the state-controlled media has CNN developing a list of ten things Obama needs to do in order to stave off unmitigated disaster in the November midterm elections.  All ten sound like good ideas, but what’s the real likelihood that this bunch of amateurs running the White House will take the advice, get back on message, and right the mighty ship Obama?

Hah.  I thought so, too.

Knowing Teh One like we do, here are ten things Obama WILL do, virtually assuring a repeat of the 1994 Glorious Revolution:

  1. Plan another ritzy vacation in a place that ordinary Americans probably couldn’t afford to visit.
  2. Play at least seven rounds of 18-holes (once a week).
  3. Visit the district or state of an embattled incumbent, wrecking the incumbent’s chances of holding the seat for the Democrats.
  4. Blame Bush for a lousy economy he’s been responsible for over the last 20 months.
  5. Demonize the job-creating engine of corporate America.
  6. Demagogue Republican efforts to extend the Bush tax  cuts as benefitting “the wealthiest 2% of Americans,” even though sunsetting the tax cuts means the middle class gets hammered.
  7. Make Congressional Democrats try to ram divisive legislation through Capitol Hill.  Cap and Trade, Amnesty, Net Neutrality, etc. Pick one, and watch.
  8. Bow to a previously un-met foreign leader of a Muslim nation.
  9. Sue another state for having passed legislation that runs counter to his leftist ideology (Missouri, for example).
  10. Find one more issue with a clear majority of Americans expressing a particular viewpoint, and come out against that majority in a speech from the White House.

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