Thursday, August 26, 2010

Going to the Glenn Beck Rally on Saturday?

If you are planning to attend Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor rally on Saturday, and you’ll be taking photographs and/or video of the event, please let me know.  Drop me a line at admin AT IBleedCrimsonRed DOT com and either send your photos or a link to your photo gallery. 

I had planned to attend but day-job related travel next week won’t allow it.  I even bought a new camera for it.  But, since I can’t go and you are, I can live (and blog) vicariously through you.

Photos and videos of the event not only help document the history of these things, but they also help to fight the left-wing media’s attempts to paint us all as extremists, racists, bigots, wackos, etc.  Remember Andrew Breitbart’s now famous offer to donate $10,000 to the United Negro College Fund if anyone could provide video evidence of the use of the N-Word during the protests at Capitol Hill on Healthcare Sunday?

I’ll post your photos, your videos and your narratives of the event, and give you credit for your efforts.  So please, drop me a line at the address above, or gimme some feedback in the comments section.


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