Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bobby Bright: “Pelosi Might Get Sick and Die” before I have to decide on whether to vote for House Speaker

Uh oh.  Conservative Democrat Jokes Pelosi Might Get Sick and Die

Bobby Bright must not be interested in any sweet committee assignments.  Although he insists he was just joking, aiming such a morbid sense of humor at the most powerful woman in Washington DC is probably not the way to get in her good graces:

The Montgomery Advertiser reports that Rep. Bobby Bright was speaking at a Chamber of Commerce event in Montgomery Wednesday when he was asked about his oft-criticized decision to support her as party leader after his 2008 election.

Trying to deflect the issue, Bright said Pelosi could lose her election, decide against running for speaker again, or get sick and die. The paper said Bright made it clear he was joking, and the remark drew laughter from the crowd.

What’s more, Bobby Bright is somewhere to the right of a few RINO Senators, so his ideology hurts him, too.  Bright is locked in a tough reelection race with Martha Roby.  Both are veterans of Montgomery politics, with Bright having been Mayor and Roby having served on the city council.

This gaffe probably won’t hurt him, because Roby has no use for it.  How do you go after a guy for a morbid wisecrack, aimed at a political figure who disgusts most Alabamians?


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