Sunday, August 22, 2010

BEWARE: Net Neutrality Propaganda



Net Neutrality proponents aren’t backing down after having their heads handed to them by the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. They’re out with a nifty little infographic touting all of the “alleged benefits” of forcing the Internet to be results-oriented, just like everything else the left tries to engineer.

This graphic is pure propaganda.  It doesn’t tell you the real facts about net neutrality.  Specifically:

  • It would prevent ISP’s like AT&T and Comcast from managing traffic on their own networks.  It’s like having the government come to a private toll bridge and telling the operators that they have to accept trucks carrying hazardous materials that might damage the bridge if spilled, or might cause so much congestion that the bridge’s usual traffic chooses an alternate route.
  • Tens of billions for investment in high-tech infrastructure could be threatened.  ISP’s would be foolish to expand internet access if they had no way of controlling who used it or how much bandwidth they occupied.
  • It would be a boon to Internet pornographers and pirates.  ISP’s are able to detect and manage the rate at which pirates and perverts exchange their “warez.” Net Neutrality would prevent them from doing so.
  • Proponents call it a First Amendment issue.  They’re right, but for the wrong reasons.  This isn’t about making all speech or all expression equal.  This is about lowering the signal-to-noise ratio, making it harder for Internet users to locate the information or resources they want.  It’s like forcing a newspaper to run articles “for” and “against” an issue, even if you only care to hear one side.

Like I said, this is pure propaganda.  I’m not linking to the site that provides this nonsense because I won’t give the traffic to those who seek to impose government control over how you use the Internet or use the content you obtain for it.  It’s a high-tech version of the fairness doctrine, and it needs to be opposed at every opportunity.

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