Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Missing Oil! Who's behind this? - Updated with video

Via Hot Air:

NYT: Oil slick on gulf surface disappearing rapidly on its own

It’s not that the oil’s all gone, of course. But a lot of it is. And the rest is … hiding. [gasp!]
Less surface oil means fewer dead animals and, presumably, less of a chance that a hurricane’s going to blow in and paint the coast black. As for the oil below the waves and what it’s doing to marine life, oxygen levels, etc., the feds will have to get back to you on that. [ZOMG] So far, so good, though: The Times notes that two early assessments have found relatively low concentrations of toxic compounds in the deep sea.

It's obviously a conspiracy between BP and Halliburton. Or, the government and NALCO, the company that makes that evil, toxic, racist Corexit 9500 soapy stuff that disperses oil and makes it more accessible to the teeming microbial colonies that have evolved on the 390,590,821,800 oil seeps on the floor of the Gulf of Mexico. After all, EPA said the stuff was pretty safe and didn't harm wildlife, so they're obviously hiding something.

The Gulf of Mexico is a unique body of water in the world.  It is virtually closed, exchanging very little water with the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea.  It is also extremely warm in the summer months, which is why tropical systems tend to blow up so rapidly once they cross the Tropic of Cancer on their annual treks to the west-northwest.  I mean, it's bathwater warm. Natural substances like the light sweet (low sulphur) crude that spewed from the runaway Macondo well have been part of the ecosystem for millenia, and the ecosystem has evolved natural processes to deal with those substances and keep things in balance. The Deepwater Horizon incident did upset that balance, and things are likely to remain out of balance for a while.  But, not for long.  The well has only been capped for 13 days, and somewhere on the order of 100 million gallons of oil have all but disappeared from sight.

Where'd it go?  Back into the belly of the beast.

Update:  How could I forget the greatest conspiracy theory to evah be concocted about the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. Matthew Simmons, "respected" energy market analyst, on MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan Show. Magic. Flying. Blowout Preventers. Peak Oil... Thanks for the heads up, TJ. And correcting the video link.

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