Friday, July 23, 2010

The Joe Biden Drinking Game!

Here, ladies and gentlemen, are the proposed rules for the Joe Biden Drinking Game.  Your comments and suggestions are welcomed.


A person is picked to be the "F-er" at the beginning of the game.  A special hat, preferably one adorned with plugs, must be worn by the "F-er."

Whenever Joe drops the F-Bomb, every body chugs, but the F-er gets to choose a person who has to buy the next round by pointing to them and saying, “stand up, Chuck.  Let’em see ya!”

Whenever Joe laments the passing of a dignitary’s living parent, everybody with a living parent chugs.

Whenever Joe mentions “7-11” or “Dunkin Donuts,” everyone says “big f-in deal!” with a slight Indian accent, and chugs.

Whenever Joe misspells a word, everyone stands up and says: “J-O-B-S is a three letter word!”  Then, every third person must chug.

Whenever Joe says “successful dump!” everyone chugs and a new f-er is chosen.  The new f-er must chug a second drink, then point to someone else and say: “_________ would probably have been a better choice.”

Whenever Joe mentions a site on the Internet, everyone chugs, then turns to the person on the right and says, “do you know the website number?”

Whenever Joe mistakes the name of a dignitary (like a Supreme Court Justice), every one says “give me a f-in’ break!” and chugs.

Whenever Joe says, “look folks,” everyone punches the f-er in the arm and chugs.

Whenever Joe says, “my friend,” everyone says “BARACK AMERICA!” and chugs.

Whenever Joe mentions 9/11, the f-er stands up and says, “a noun, a verb and Amen!”

When Joe  mentions African Americans, the f-er then gets to choose a “mainstream African American,” or MAA.  The MAA then has to say something articulate, or he chugs.

Have fun!

Gimme some feedback in the comments.


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