Saturday, July 17, 2010

Day 3, still holding, and powerful new blog feature

Entering Day 3 of the capping stack test, with encouraging results so far.  While pressures have been lower than expected, they've also been holding steady or increasing slightly.  This is the clearest possible sign of the integrity of a closed, engineered systems containing fluids (like oil, for example).

I hope it's a slow news day.

Meanwhile, over on the right side panel, check out the new blog search feature.  This is a pretty powerful Google search tool that searches not only the I Bleed Crimson Red Blog, but every site linked in any of the blog posts and pages.  It also searches every site listed in the Reading Room.  So if you're looking for a story, blog post or news item on a particular subject, type in your keywords and mash the button.

Did I say that I hope it's a slow news day?  The fish are bitin' and I have a hankerin' for some grilled flounder.

Gimme some feedback in the comments.


Vince Werber said...

The cap IS good news and I hope and pray it will continue to do the job...

I hope also that I am not one of those nut jobs you talked about in an earlier posts :-) I will admit I am a nut job but not one of 'those' nut jobs :-)

Cheers my friend and I will continue to check in

PS... I hope it will be a slow news day also... I'm getting a bit worn down :-)

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