Saturday, July 10, 2010

The confidence and optimism of being a conservative

If you are a conservative, then by your nature you are both optimistic and trusting of your fellow man.

If you are a liberal, then by your nature you are pessimistic and incapable of trusting anyone.

Conservatives never lose their optimism, their confidence or their sense of humor.

Liberals never gain confidence, never had optimism and God forbid they laugh at themselves.

Conservatives always see the glass half-full and always look for opportunities to add volume.

Liberals always see the glass half-empty and wonder who they can make drain it even farther.

A conservative laughs at himself and his condition.  A liberal cries for himself and blames others for his condition.

A conservative always seeks to improve his condition, by his own devices. 

A liberal always bemoans his condition, and seeks to improve it by making others "feel the pain."

The beauty of being a conservative is simply this--no matter how bad things are, no matter how many forces are arrayed against you, you will prevail.

The sadness of being a liberal is simply this--no matter how bad OR good things are, no matter how many forces ARE or ARE NOT arrayed against you, it's someone else's fault and BY GOD, they gotta pay for it.


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