Thursday, May 20, 2010

Let'em Eat Cake!

One thing about the Obama regime--they really know how to throw a party, don't they?  Last night, they held a swanky state dinner for Mexican President Felipe Calderon and his wife, Margarita Zavala.  The dinner was prepared under the supervision of star guest chef Rick Bayless, who served up high-end Mexican cuisine on the Clinton china and the Eisenhower porcelain.  But the real throw-down came later:

"I know we just had a very formal dinner," Obama said as guests reassembled in a tent on the South Lawn for dessert and after-dinner entertainment. "But we heard that this was the place for the real party."

And party they did, to the music of guitarists Rodrigo y Gabriela and then to the sounds of an artist whom Obama referred to as "somebody some of you may have heard of — named Beyonce." And, yes, her husband Jay-Z was in the house too.

Obama declared it his mission to get Mexican President Felipe Calderon and his wife, Margarita Zavala, out on the dance floor along with himself and first lady Michelle Obama. But reporters were ushered out before the after-party ever got to the dancing stage.

CBS News Correspondent Mark Knoller tweeted this morning that the party went well into the night.

While the President, First Lady, Beyonce and Jay-Z partied it down, the Dept of Labor was preparing a ghoulishly bad report on jobless claims for the week ending May 14, bringing the media's most oft-used adverb back into play:

The number of workers filing new applications for unemployment insurance unexpectedly rose last week for the first time since early April, suggesting the labor market recovery has hit a stumbling block.

Initial claims for state unemployment benefits increased 25,000 to a seasonally adjusted 471,000 in the week ended May 15, the highest level since the week ended April 10, the Labor Department said on Thursday.

Why is this report so bad? Because it shows that last week's job losses wiped out virtually all of the recent progress the jobs market has made since early April. It is a major setback, because it shows that the jobs market really hasn't improved much at all since Obama pathetically promised a "laser-like focus" on jobs and economic recovery. In fact, analysis of the labor market shows that the weekly jobless claims data only represent "noise" along a trend of rising, not falling, unemployment. The economy may be growing, but the growth rate is ever so slight and there is absolutely no real good news for jobseekers.

But that doesn't stop the Teleprompter in Chief from throwing swanky parties for foreign dignitaries and joining those dignitaries in misrepresenting our individual state laws. The Obama regime doesn't care one whit about what's going on with the man on the street.  Our economy is not producing jobs because the administration won't reduce the burden on American businesses.  Instead, it has rammed through a $1+ trillion healthcare scheme whose surprises are still being found.  It has backed comprehensive financial "reform" that basically makes every company that hedges risk "a bank."  It repeatedly signals that higher taxes and more regulation will be floated.

And, while American business reduces uncertainty by scaling back or putting expansion on hold, the White House parties on, dude!  Let'em eat cake...

Extra Point:  Wait?  What?  Bayless served up Mexican food? Does that mean Calderon will return the favor with Wagyu burgers, should Obama make it a round trip?


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