Monday, April 26, 2010

Black Minister Forms PAC to Defeat Liberal Congressional Blacks

Saying that he wants to break the "death grip" that the Democrat Party has on the black community, conservative Bishop E.W. Jackson Sr. has formed a new PAC, called the STAND America PAC.  STAND is an acronym for Jackson's organization "Staying True to America's National Destiny."

Says Bishop Jackson, "The black community has been deceived into voting for liberal black leadership which does not reflect their values." Jackson's strategy is to have black voters register as independents and vote their Christian values. He argues that the black voter is a conservative church going person. "This was shown by the large black vote for Proposition 8 to ban homosexual marriage in California. The black legislative leaders supported it, but the black voters did not. What does that tell us? These leaders are out of touch with the people. It is time to vote them out."

According to Bishop Jackson, CBC members insult the black community by "conflating the black struggle for civil rights with the demands of radical homosexuals for marriage and other special rights." He calls it "one of the most preposterous frauds ever perpetrated on a people." In a recent speech before a black Christian men's group in Williamsburg, Virginia, Bishop Jackson said, "Homosexuals have no history of slavery, Jim Crow, lynching or being legally defined as 2/3 of a person. I have known people who have been delivered from homosexuality. I have never known anyone to be delivered from being black. The Democrat Party's commitment to abortion, homosexuality and moral relativism is an affront to the values of the black Christian community. It is a 'Coalition of the godless.' Black Christians do not belong in a 'coalition of the godless,' and should not vote for those who are."

Black Minister Forms Political Action Committee to Defeat Liberal Blacks

The purpose of the PAC is to recruit and support conservative black candidates to run against liberal members of the Congressional Black Caucus. It should be noted that there is absolutely no room in the CBC for a conservative. It is an exclusively black and liberal caucus. It should also be noted that the Democrats in Congress needed the CBC's monolithic vote on Obamacare and cap and tax. Like the black electoral vote, the Democrats are sunk without its near unanimous support. If groups like STAND can promote conservatism among black Christians and break off even a portion of the group, the Democrat coalition can be weakened considerably.

Extra Point: This is also a goal of Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele. Unfortunately, as I noted here, Steele may not have the traction or longevity to see it through. It will be interesting to see if Jackson and other grassroots groups can make some progress.


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