Tuesday, April 20, 2010

...And He Still Doesn't Understand

Confederate Yankee's Bob Owens provides a scathing review of Bill Clinton's garbage NYT Op-Ed piece. No matter what you think of Bill Clinton's political philosophies, the one thing that stands out about the man is that he is such an incredibly gifted liar (emphasis mine):

Clinton was always admired by liberals and reviled by conservatives for his ability to tell the American people a lie with the greatest sincerity. Perhaps that is still his greatest asset, as he tries to tell us just weeks after a far-left Democrat Party rammed through legislation that mandates we purchase a product of their choosing or face fines, that our public servants seek protect our freedoms, when it is obvious to us all that they abuse them.

Confederate Yankee: ...And He Still Doesn't Understand
This analysis is as cutting as it is correct. Today's statist liberal is Orwellian. Right is wrong. Up is down. A right is a burden and a burden is a privilege. We owe today's statism to the eight years long lie that was the Bill Clinton Administration. Or, as we used to say on AllPolitics.com, the Clintonista Regime.

Extra Point: Do not ever forget that this is a man who was impeached  and later disbarred for  failing to tell the truth under oath.


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