Sunday, December 8, 2019

Impeachment, Democrats, and the 'Tinkerbell Effect'

Watching the impeachment hearings and listening to Democrats and the media on Sunday morning news shows, I couldn't get over the sense that I'd seen this play before. Then it came to me--this is all just like a scene from the stage adaptation of J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan. 

In the scene, Captain Hook has secretly poisoned Peter's 'medicine.' Wendy, her brothers and the Lost Boys are on their way back home from Neverland. But before Peter can drink the potion (thus sealing his demise as planned by Hook), Tinkerbell snatches the bottle, chugs it down and immediately falls out, dying. Peter leans close and Tink tells him what's happened.

"Captain... Hook... poison..." she whispers.

"Captain Hook?" Peter exclaims. "He poisoned my medicine? Tink! You took it to save me? Oh, Tinker Bell!" Then Peter starts crying as Tink's light slowly fades...

But then Peter jumps up, turns to the audience and says, "Tink says that she thinks she can get well again if children believed in fairies. Do you believe? Do you? If you believe clap your hands, don’t let Tink die!"

He starts clapping and the audience starts to clap with him. Tink slowly gets better but it's not enough! "Louder!" says the little brat. "Yes! Yes, that’s it! See? She’s getting better. Louder! Louder!"

Then, miraculously Tink sits up, stands, and gives a cute little curtsy.

Donald Trump is Captain Hook, of course. The wishful Democrats are the audience and Peter is promising Neverland, i.e., the socialist utopia in which the left thinks we can all live happily ever after. Remember: We never have to grow up in Neverland. It's all fairy dust and rainbows over there and grownups have to pay for it. Tinkerbell is impeachment and removal from office because as the play goes, Peter needs Tink to take care of the Trump problem. But don't forget that cute little Tinkerbell is a fairy, and she's ill-tempered, spoiled, undisciplined, jealous, vindictive and incorrigibly mischievous. She only loves Peter; the rest of us can rot.

Democrats are stuck at the part in this play where all they have to do is believe in impeachment and it will happen. But they don't want you happy-clappy hopeful. What they need is angry rancor. They believe that if their minority is angry enough, the socialist utopia can be brought about by resuscitating Tink. So they parade a bunch of angry deep staters before the people and their Congress, who all solemnly say that because Trump is “inconsistent with consensus views of the interagency”  he is evil; that only Trump stands between them and their Neverland Nirvana.

But in all proper stage adaptations of Barrie's masterpiece, Hook and Father are played by the same actor. At the end of the play, everyone grows up. They have to do what Father tells them, after all. And Neverland is just a stupid fairy tale that only children and Democrats ever believed in.

Extra point: This is the second failed political adaptation of Peter Pan. Remember this?

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