Friday, November 8, 2019

The most anticipated preview of the most anticipated game of the season has been my "home" on the football side of the internet since May 2001. For every game Alabama plays during the football season, Jess Nicholas gives TF denizens a preview of the matchup, going position-by-position of both teams. He talks strengths, weaknesses and schemes and makes a pick.

With LSU undefeated again and coming  back to Tuscaloosa to face an undefeated Alabama (again), this week's preview is the most anticipated yet.

An appetizer:
Alabama will have to win this game amid a circus that will be taking place outside the stadium: the arrival of ESPN’s College Gameday set, the attendance of President Donald Trump. But the biggest circus act this week has been the high-wire balancing act of media pundits, who have had to balance their newfound love for LSU against criticism of Alabama despite the Crimson Tide being no worse than the Tigers’ equal.
He's right. As an example of the media's Wallenda Act, look no farther than SI's Pat Forde. Click that link only if you really like 500+ words of equivocating bullshit.

It's gonna be a great game. If you want to see how a really talented phrase-turner expects the game to end, click the first link.


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