Sunday, November 10, 2019

The Crimson Tide and some Tide fans both have some gettin' better to do

What a great day for college football. The two best football teams in the nation's best college football conference went toe-to-toe yesterday when Alabama hosted LSU in an epic slugfest. The President of the United States was in attendance. The 41 points Alabama scored against LSU was the most they'd scored in regulation since Florida and Georgia both hung 50+ points on them in 2008. Unfortunately for our side yesterday, LSU hung 46 on Bama, the most in series history.

Suffice it to say that both Alabama and some it its fans have a lot of gettin' better to do.

LSU and Bama are both the kind of team that can and do make you pay for you mistakes. Alabama made more mistakes and LSU made'em pay. Two critical first half turnovers led directly to two Tiger TD's. Both turnovers were quarterback Tua Tagovailoa mistakes. It would be too easy to second-guess Nick Saban's decision to start Tua; to claim that had he not started the two miscues wouldn't have happened.

Alabama has started four freshmen all season on defense and at many times yesterday there were five freshmen on the field. Freshmen make mistakes. They will get better at not being out of position. They will get better at recognizing what the offense is showing and getting into the right coverage, and they will get better at tackling. Experience is solid gold and we're a little short of specie this year.

The officials also made mistakes. Both teams were guilty of defensive holding and defensive pass interference and weren't flagged. Then there was the highly questionable sideline throw that should have been overturned (I call BS on the "forced out" excuse). LSU's offensive line held on every other pass play and never got called. Alabama was offsides at least a half-dozen times. But when thinking about officiating, it's best to remember that if your team just does what it's supposed to do, bad calls or no calls can't change the outcome.

LSU's offense is nothing short of jaw-dropping. They don't make many mistakes. A very good offensive line. A very good receiver corps. And a great quarterback with uncommon grit and toughness. LSU has a chance to win it all.

Coach Ed Orgeron of LSU is the real deal. He talks funny but he's building a formidable program through great recruiting, great coaching and a mutual love with the state of Louisiana.

Alabama fans welcomed President Donald Trump with warm hospitality. It's rare for the Commander in Chief to visit your house in a game with such magnitude, Greatness attracts greatness. Usually. It sometimes attracts the pettiest among us.

So it comes with great embarrassment to learn that some idiot decided to go full Antifa and vandalize the Baby Trump balloon that anti-Trump protesters had brought to pre-game activities. Protesting is the most American thing ever. There's a reason why freedom of expression is guaranteed in the very First Amendment to the Constitution.

Like it or not, ridicule is a protected form of free expression. The balloon, the people behind it and the message it sends are an affront to common decency. That's not surprising--the left's inability to accept the legitimacy of the Trump Administration is itself nothing more than a spoiled brat throwing a hissy fit over the 2016 election. The Baby Trump balloon couldn't be a better representation of today's left if you prayed for it. The whole left is a great big baby, throwing  a great big tantrum.

The man who slashed the balloon  is Hoyt Hutchinson. He is no better than that piece of shit Harvey Updyke, who poisoned Auburn University's famed 100+ year old oaks at Toomer's Corner. It is appalling and deeply embarrassing that Hutchinson, like Updyke, is being celebrated by some Bama fans as some kind of hero today. Consider that Antifa is a lawless and violent organization that routinely destroys historic landmarks and violently confronts peaceful marches and demonstrations they disagree with. To the left, Antifa is a bunch of heroes. To decent society, they are thugs. To some Bama conservatives, Hutchinson is the new Updyke. To me, he's not much better than Antifa.

Updyke. Hutchinson. The unnamed Tuscaloosa protest "organizers." Antifa. All cut from the same rotten cloth. Most Bama fans are better than this. Some, like the Tide they profess to love, have some gettin' better to do.


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