Tuesday, November 19, 2019

In a party obsessed with hatred, this Democrat is refreshingly hopeful

There are very few respectable liberals left in public view and even those are under assault by the vicious far left progressives that have taken over the Democrat Party. I talked a little about some of them in this post several weeks ago.

Today, I'm adding Hawaii Congresswoman and Democrat Presidential Candidate Tulsi Gabbard to the list. This speech is as refreshing to me as it is poisonous to her campaign. This is a 2:17 segment. Surely you can spare a couple of minutes to hear a message of hope and unity?
Unfortunately for her campaign, her party and probably her country, this is simply self-immolation. The party of permanent destruction can't tolerate tolerance and love, y'all.

Ms. Gabbard's message is sheer genius. You don't have to believe in God. She is saying that if you believe in Love then we can work together and do good things. But for today's Democrats, this is heresy.

Though I disagree in principle with Ms. Gabbard on most issues, I can at least be sure that her motives are not rooted in the lust for power and destruction that has permeated the far left. Ms. Gabbard and the few left like her are the kinds of people that Ronald Reagan and the people like him found common ground and worked together. They formed a governing alliance that transformed America into a stronger nation. This nation then transformed the world by winning the Cold War and defeating socialist communism in the 1980's.

The people like Ms. Gabbard have been systematically purged by the ideological elites in the Democrat Party. Gone are the rural Democrats, Blue Collar/Blue Dog Democrats and honest, principled liberals like Howell Heflin and Joe Lieberman. The party is now seriously contemplating the nomination of two people--Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren--who embrace the same political and economic policies that we defeated a generation ago.

The Democrats today are the party of discord. They don't seek unity--they seek destruction. They don't practice the politics of participation. They practice the politics of perpetual unrest. Tulsi Gabbard offers a hand but the rest of her party offer their fists.


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