Sunday, November 24, 2019

Donald Trump SUCKS at being a racist

Donald Trump is good at a lot of things. One thing he's not good at all is advancing a racist agenda. In fact, he sucks at it, if that's what he was trying to do. If white supremacists thought they'd have a friend in the White House, they were stupid or weren't paying attention. If his opponents believe that he's a racist fascist Nazi meanie, they're just listening to the wrong people.

Within this post are 10 hyperlinks. Each link documents part of a pattern that Democrats don't want you to discern or understand for yourself. Each link takes you to a site that could never be mistaken as "Trump-friendly."

For starters, his son-in-law Jared Kushner is the grandson of Jewish Holocaust Survivors, who immigrated to the U.S. in 1949. What white nationalist Nazi racist scum lets his daughter marry a Jew? It gets worse for the Trump-is-a-Nazi crowd. Jared and Ivanka Trump were married in a Jewish ceremony in 2009.  Ivanka has converted to the Jewish faith, which means that the alleged Nazi has a Jew for a daughter. Trump's grandchildren were born Jewish, and they are being raised in a kosher Jewish household.

“Just because you’re a nationalist and you’re white doesn’t make you a white nationalist,” said Katrina Pierson, an African-American who was a spokeswoman for Mr. Trump’s presidential campaign. “Putting Americans first makes you a nationalist and in that case, I’m a nationalist. I think we should take care of our families and our children first.”

In the late 1990's, The Donald dated the drop dead gorgeous model Kara Young, a biracial beauty that white supremacists regard as a mongrel. No self-respecting racist would be caught dead in a romantic relationship with a black girl. “I never heard him say a disparaging comment towards any race of people,” she said.

Before that though, Trump established a rapport with Nelson Mandela, someone he has said he admired. In 1990, Mandela was preparing to embark on a tour of the United States. Legend has it that Trump "donated" a private jet to Mandela and his entourage but the truth is that he allowed his Trump Shuttle 727 to be used at cost: $130,000. Not bad for a grand tour of the States. Scoff if you want, but this is not the action of a racist.

Neither is appointing Ben Carson to be Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Dr. Carson doesn't hold back, either. "I have an advantage of knowing the President very well, and he’s not a racist. ... Look at his policies. Under this president you see the rising tide lifting all boats. You see low unemployment — record low — for blacks, for Hispanics, for all the demographics of our nation.

"When you have somebody spending this much time and this much effort trying to elevate those who are vulnerable and who are suffering in our society, I think we should pay a lot more attention to what they are doing than what anyone is saying," he added.

Working with Secretary Carlson, Trump established the Opportunity and Revitalization Council. The Council dovetails with the Opportunity Zone tax incentive in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and the Council are having dramatic impact. The effort is intended to un-Baltimore places like Baltimore, and it's working. Black and Hispanic unemployment is at an all-time low. 

White supremacists don't push policies that make black and brown folks better off. They're supposed to be making them miserable. Trump isn't. Why is that?

One of Trump's earliest grants of Clemency was to 64-year old Alice Johnson, the black grandmother who was serving a mandatory federal sentence for nonviolent drug offenses. That wasn't a one-time PR stunt. He also posthumously pardoned Jack Johnson, the first black heavyweight champion boxer who was convicted of transporting a white woman across state lines.

Last December, Trump signed a bipartisan criminal justice reform bill into law. This was important, and it's informative because son-in-law Kushner made it a priority before joining his father in-law's campaign. Kushner negotiated with Congress and shepherded the bill though both houses. Again, not the actions of a criminal racist enterprise.

Nazis also don't deport other Nazis. Donald Trump did just that, and he did it to bipartisan acclaim. George W. Bush didn't deport Jakiw Palij. Barack Obama had eight years to kick him out. Trump made it happen in the first half of his first term. He did it by pressuring Germany to take him back. Eli Rosenbaum, the former head of the U.S. office investigating accused Nazi war criminals, said Palij’s removal “is a landmark victory in the U.S. government’s decades-long quest to achieve a measure of justice and accountability on behalf of the victims of Nazi inhumanity.”

Here's the problem that Democrats and their mouthpieces in the media have with Donald Trump: He's completely colorblind. He doesn't seek or implement policies that chooses winners and losers based on ethnicity or religious background. He's brash. He's abrupt. He's unfiltered. He's uncouth. He's unpresidential, whatever the hell that means to the people who wouldn't give him credit for negotiating a Palestinian peace accord while curing cancer.

If President Trump actually was the white nationalist racist Nazi pig the left claims he is, the opposite of everything written above would be true. Trump would have forbidden Ivanka from marrying Jared. Jared never would have become a senior adviser and the criminal reform bill would never have passed. Nelson Mandela would have had to find his own ride and Alice Johnson would still be stuck in the federal pen.

If you want to hold on to the myth of Trump's racism, go ahead. Keep nodding your head in agreement when socialists Pete Buttigeig, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren accuse him of being a monster not seen since Adolf Hitler. Ignore the Jewish family under his roof. Listen instead to the people who really didn't want you to read what you just finished reading. They need you a lot more than we need them.

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