Wednesday, October 2, 2019

UThug: Tennessee player on video: 'Where I'm from, we shoot at cops'

Alternate headline: Tennessee is now early favorite for the Fulmer Cup Award.

Where I'm from, thugs like this go to jail and stay there for a while.

Here's the report from Fox News website:

At the time of the arrest, Banks had a polite demeanor toward the arresting officers. He told them he “never met no police officers as nice as y’all” but his attitude changed as the ride continued. He then asked the officers “What you would do without that badge?”

“I should’ve ran, test y’all’s speed,” Banks said. “Y’all would’ve never catch me. That’s what I should’ve did. Next time, I am, I promise you. Never again y’all boys will take me to jail. Not UT police.”

Banks also addressed a woman who was in the car for a ride-along.

“Ma’am, I don’t think you want to be an intern, because where I’m from, we shoot at cops. I’m from Memphis, Tennessee,” he said.
This is a shame. The University of Tennessee used to be one of the Southeastern Conference's finest athletic programs. The football side of the Athletic Department was regarded as an outstanding example of class, distinction and gentlemanly tough competition.

Coach Paul W. Bryant had deep respect for Tennessee. Coach Robert Neyland had the same respect for Alabama. The Third Saturday in October was the biggest rivalry in the SEC football season.

The culture began to change shortly after the 1992 season. You may remember when Phillip Fulmer stabbed then Head Coach Johnny Majors in the back and took over the team after Majors' heart surgery. From that point forward, it was win-at-any cost and the UT football program traded its integrity for a BCS title in 1998.

Fulmer ended his career as Head Coach after posting a dismal 5-7 record (3-5 SEC) in the 2008 season. He has somehow finagled his way into the Athletic Director's office, where it looks like Ethical Fulmerism is back in style.

Hey, y'all... there's a very good reason why the team with the longest rap sheet each year is awarded the not-so-prestigious Fulmer Cup.


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