Wednesday, October 23, 2019

America has 40+ million pounds of Bacon in a strategic reserve, or something

This is a real story. It's our largest stockpile of the tender delicacy in almost five decades. That's not the worst of it, either.

Prices are expected to rise because of what commodities traders are calling a pork trifecta--a domestic glut of pork bellies, an increase in whole hog demand because of Chinese Swine Flu and global price pressure because of the complementary effect.

With the much-hyped but low-impact Trade War with China nearing its inevitable end, U.S. hog farmers will get a likely boost just in time for the holidays. So we'll have to pay more for that side order of bacon at Waffle House.

As a small reward for grasping the concept of a complementary good, here's a complimentary link to the Bacon Bible.


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