Wednesday, October 9, 2019

In investigations under way at DOJ, an ominous drumbeat draws ever closer

This is not a "Fox News conspiracy theory." This has not been "already debunked." It is as real as Robert Mueller's collusion investigation but it is unlike that quixotic probe in two very ominous ways:

  1. It has a near 100% chance of showing demonstrable collusion by federal officials with foreign governments, and
  2. It can result in actual indictments of yuuge names.
That link above takes you to a Politico article. Politico has been the tip of the Democrats' media spear since November 2016. That "newsroom" is about as unbiased as MSNBC. The article was originally (and perhaps blindly) put together to provide cover for Congressional Democrats' pumping up expectations of the special counsel's report.

Again, this is no wild right wing conspiracy theory.

The drumbeat started sounding way before President Donald Trump had a cordial, totally innocent telephone conversation with newly-elected Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky last summer. 

Politico shows that the investigations started in 2018. Other news sources show that the release of Horowitz's report has been delayed more than once, meaning that it has resulted in a farther-reaching probe with lots of information that will be news to John O Public.

Other news sources show that as Horowitz's probe draws to its close, a second and seemingly oblique probe by John Durham is expanding. Durham is adding investigators and widening the scope of his investigation.
It could be related to the length of time it is taking Inspector General Michael Horowitz to deliver his more limited report that has been repeatedly promised for some months now. Previously, Horowitz was criticized for pulling his punches on the Hillary Clinton investigation. This will not be so easy now with Barr and Durham going over the same material. Horowitz is not able to interview those no longer working for the government--most of the potential miscreants having slipped away--but Barr and Durham have no such restriction. They can follow leads anywhere.

Recently that has taken them to Italy to speak with intelligence officials. They have also apparently spoken with their peers in Australia and the UK. Did something come of that? It would be strange if it didn't, especially now that we have learned that Durham's mission has expanded, "adding agents and resources.".

This indeed should strike fear in the hearts of the Democrats. The Department of Justice holds the whip hand. They can indict people. Yes, the Democratic Congress can impeach. And no wonder they are trying their best to do that now. They are riding high--or some of them may think they are--because of polls and the nonstop outrage of the media.

But most of the public doesn't know the full story or anything close. ...
Last week in this space, I argued that the Democrats' seizure of Trump's innocent phone call with President Zelensky is a panicked attempt to get in front of Horowitz's findings and paint his investigation as a partisan response to the fake, unauthorized "impeachment inquiry."

He is not naive,” says [former U.S. Attorney Stephen] Robinson. “He understands the political implications of the work that he’s been asked to do and the potential impact it could have. He’s not going to wilt under that.”

It's not hard to predict how the increasingly panicked Democrats and their media sycophants will react when John Durham impanels a grand jury and starts indicting a few big names like Robert Mueller, James Comey, John Brenner and James Clapper. All of these people left large fingerprints all over an attempt to frame and impeach an honestly elected President of the United States and broke the law and destroyed the trust of the American people.

They never thought this would happen. They fully expected Hillary Clinton to win in 2016. She would have quickly moved to bury the Fusion GPS affair, the Steele Dossier and any evidence of collusion to get dirt on then candidate Trump. We would never have heard about Joe Biden's blatant attempt to extort Ukrainian officials to end an investigation into his son's dealings with a corrupt natural gas company because no video of him bragging about his extortion.

In fact, it would come as no surprise if Mrs. Clinton decides to jump into the 2020 Democrat primary and immediately start whining about a partisan witch hunt against her.

The drum is beating, and it's only going to get louder as the truth finally gets closer.


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