Friday, October 4, 2019

Alabama has a bye week. We do some navel gazin'.

What a yawner. For five straight weeks we've been treated to the pleasure of watching the Crimson Tide dismantle, dismember and dispose of its competition. The average score is 52-15. Alabama has not scored fewer than 40 points in any contest. They've scored 50+ twice and 60+ once. 

QB Tua Tagovailoa is 113-148 for 1,718 yards, with ZERO interceptions and 23 touchdowns. That's a sizzling 76.35% completion rate and an average of 343.60 yards per game.

This week, we get to gripe a little about what needs improvement while our rivals duke it out with each other. The most meaningful games this weekend are (in order of importance) Auburn in the Swamp at Florida, Georgia at Tennessee and Utah State at LSU. It's a real test for the Tiggers because they're traveling to a much more hostile road venue and the Gators have a real offense, a real QB and a salty defense (relatively new in Gainesville). Tennessee is a dumpster fire; UGA will demolish them. Utah State has a good offense and LSU gave up 38 points to Vandy, so...

What's up with the right side of the Alabama defense, and why are our LB's not making the big plays that we're used to from Saban-coached teams? Opposing teams--starting with Duke and going right through Ole Miss--are cuttin' hay and converting third downs by either throwing to their left or running that way, and not much has gotten better over there. It's frustrating that edge containment over there seems nonexistent. It's also frustrating to see stars like Anfernee Jennings and Terrell Lewis out of position and playing catch up to the ball carrier.  Fortunately, none of the teams Bama has faced had the horses to threaten an upset.

Unfortunately, future opponents are astute students of the game tape. LSU, Auburn and Georgia (should we be so fortunate to meet them again in Atlanta) have seen this weakness, and all three teams have enough horsepower to embarrass Bama if this problem doesn't get fixed. We could see a close win against LSU in Tuscaloosa, a convincing loss to the Tiggs in Auburn and get relegated to a New Year's Day date with some nobody.

Such a revolting development would, of course, result in the talking heads and Twitterati wondering aloud: Has the game passed Nick Saban by? Is it Clemson's dynasty to lose, now?


I am fairly confident that we should start to see some improvement between now and next Saturday's visit to the venerable Kyle Field in College Station. Nick Saban is at his very best when he is given time to prepare. He is a bona fide defensive genius. His 3-4 Over/Under defense is being copied throughout the country. He sees what we see and he sees stuff we mortals will totally miss.

I am equally confident that the offensive line will see marked improvement, and we'll see more of the power-driven pro-set offense that can make Tua shine even better. We saw the return of monster-man Deonte Brown to the OL last week and his impact was felt almost immediately. If Bama's running game takes it to the next level... and the right side of the defense and LB's step it up... Alabama won't have to worry about not making the playoffs.


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