Thursday, September 26, 2019

Tommy Tuberville is a stone cold lock for the Republican Senate nomination

The reason Tommy Tuberville is guaranteed to win the Republican Party's nomination for the U.S. Senate isn't what you think it is. He's gonna get it because he's a really, really good recruiter.

For ten years as Head Coach of Auburn University, Tubs went head-to-head with the best salesmen on the planet--his rival head coaches in the Southeastern Conference. 

For ten years he went to every corner of the state (indeed, every corner of the country) and convinced complete strangers to send their sons to play football in a remote corner of Alabama.

For ten years he went before our friends Cam and Mike and sold the media and public that everything on The Plains was going just fine, y'all.

He didn't get everyone he went after but he signed the majority of them. He never won a college football national championship either,  but he won the majority of his games.

He says he's a Donald Trump supporter. He touts conservative Christian values. He's for cutting taxes and reducing the size and influence of the federal government. Tubs can play the Washington Outsider role to perfection, too--he's never held public office. As any college football fan will tell you though, every coach serves at the instant pleasure of the fans, boosters and assorted "friends of the program." Run afoul of them and post a bad season and you're out the next day.

You can't do that with a U.S. Senator, who is elected to a six-year term with no recall and no recourse if the horse changes color a few weeks after being sworn in.

My guy is current U.S. Congressman Bradley Byrne. I've met him, I've donated to his campaign and I've spoken with his congressional and campaign staff. I don't think there's a more qualified candidate running. Byrne will be able to read a legislative proposal and decide whether it makes sense or whether he can offer a better alternative.

Tubs might be able to read a team roster but I doubt he'll be able to tell if a Senate Resolution is even written in English.

He's a helluva recruiter though. He's never gotten them all and he's ok with that. That's all he has to do to get the GOP nomination. For a state GOP electorate that was dumb enough to nominate Roy Moore in the 2017 special election, it's no heavy lift for Tubs to get the nod in the primary about six months from now.

In fact, he's a stone cold lock.


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