Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Roy Moore can’t raise money

Money. The mother’s milk of modern politics. Creepy Roy Moore doesn’t have much and seems to be having trouble raising it.

Alabama Daily News’ Todd Stacy has a quarterly campaign finance report on what will surely be the most watched election in Alabama for the 2020 cycle.

“Former Chief Justice Roy Moore was the big disappointment, raising only $16,963. Moore has never depended on huge financial resources to win campaigns, but that small number could be indicative of a campaign still reeling from President Donald Trump’s insistence that Republicans nominate someone else earlier in the summer.”

President Trump’s tweets may have had an impact on Moore’s popularity as a candidate, and that may have translated into a damper on fundraising. But his flaccid campaign coffers are a reflection of his chances among people who put their money where their mouth is. I’m not talking about big time campaign financiers. Rather, the throngs of people who never contribute to more than a campaign or two.

Alabama likes winners, and Moore is a loser. Worse, he’s the first Republican candidate to lose a U.S. Senate election since 1994. Current Senator Doug Jones is a horrible candidate. His stump speech is a sleeper, he can’t raise money in state and his voting record makes Chuck Schumer cackle in delight. Creepy Roy Moore lost to this guy?

Alabama, don’t be foolish. Don’t send him a nickel. Send Roy Moore back to his farm.


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