Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Impeaching Donald Trump is a no-lose situation… For Republicans


Republicans would rather not see the country dragged through another impeachment process because it’s painful, messy and costly. But there is no doubt that they will come out of it on top.

First of all, let’s deal with the goose chase of a theoretical indictment. It’s in regards to hush money paid to two women alleging to have had extramarital affairs with Donald Trump before he became President. As the talking point goes, Trump’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen paid them from non-campaign funds at the direction of then candidate Trump. Cohen says the payments were made because they helped the campaign. Since these payments were not reported and they exceeded a statutory limit, the crime of making an illegal campaign contribution has occurred and since Trump directed it, he committed a felony.

No, he didn’t. This would only be a crime if the payments would have been made even if Trump were not running for office. Celebrities make hush money payments every day. There’s an entire cottage industry and specialty bar practice focusing on shaking down unscrupulous celebrities. It’s legalized blackmail and it’s as old as the term “celebrities.” All the Trump defense team would need to do is convince a judge that Celebrity Trump would have done the same thing Candidate Trump did. Paying off tryst trollops is unsavory, but it is not illegal.

Let’s say something else is dug up in the near future that convinces Democrats and the media that a high crime or misdemeanor has occurred. This is not altogether unlikely because Democrats hate Trump and they are unable to think clearly because of their visceral reaction to him. They are likely to find a real estate deal that somehow involves some Russian dude. With that and some egging on by the media they contrive a case where Donald and Boris conspired to do an end-around on the emoluments clause of the Constitution...

In fact, I don't just think this scenario is likely. I think it's a virtual lock. With their newfound majority in the House, the hardcore lefties will demand it. And they'll get it, or else.

Articles of Impeachment are drafted, passed by the House in a straight party-line vote. Chief Justice John Roberts convenes and presides over the Senate trial and Trump prevails because there is no two-thirds majority vote to convict and remove him from office. The voting public seethes at the partisan impeachment circus and takes its wrath out on the Democrats. Trump is easily reelected in 2020 and Republicans sweep to commanding majorities in the House and Senate.

Or, let’s say Trump and Boris actually conspire to conceal or destroy evidence of a murder. Through impeachment or resignation, Trump leaves office and Vice President Mike Pence is sworn in as the 46th President of the United States.

Pence is  a doctrinaire Reagan Conservative. Abortion would become a crime. Amnesty for dreamers would be a pipe dream again. Regulations would be rolled back to pre-Carter levels. Burning the flag would be a hate crime and Antifa would be classified as a terrorist organization. Markets will boom, the trains will run on time and God will rest comfortably on his throne again.

It will be like that day Frodo cast the One Ring into the crack of Mount Doom, ending the leftist threat and scattering the Democrats like Orcs in the wind.

So get busy, Nancy. Your move, Chuck. Go ahead. Make our day.


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