Thursday, November 15, 2018

Watch out! Here comes The Citadel!


Thank God right now that the Alabama Crimson Tide is just a football team and not an enemy military force bent on ending the American way of life. Because if we were bad guys like that, Bama would stand no chance. Nick Saban would be forced to suffer the humiliation of surrendering the team colors at the 50-yard line to a grim-faced cadre of highly trained and professional warriors.

The Citadel is an institution with a rich military history. Founded in 1842, soldiers from The Citadel fired the first shots of the Civil War when they opened fire on the sneaky Union steamship Star of the West, that was trying to resupply Fort Sumter. During World War II, The Citadel had the highest percentage of any American college student body serving in the military and all but 46 of its living graduates were members of the armed forces.  Every member of the Classes of 1917 and 1918 served in World War I, and only two members of the Class of 1944 graduated because the rest entered military service and fought in World War II.

In any conflict though, the outcome is determined by where the battles are met. Alas for the fightin’ Bulldogs who are coming to Tuscaloosa, where they will be soundly defeated by a superior football force.

This game might be interesting (at least through the first quarter), as The Citadel runs an old-school multiple option offense that could churn up some yardage and shorten the game. Bama might not get as many possessions as they did against teams like Ole Miss, Texas A&M and Arkansas.

Tua Tagovailoa is expected to be at or near 100% and will likely go back to the usual routine of watching the second half from the sideline. Jalen Hurts is still not healthy—that high ankle sprain is doing what high ankle sprains do by healing slowly. Mac Jones will get some needed reps at full speed and hopefully get some confidence he’s lacked when the offense is running at full speed.

A lot of folks in the media are wagging their heads at Alabama hosting such an overmatched opponent but what’s an SEC team supposed to do—schedule a Notre Dame after a conference schedule that broke a gifted Kevin Sumlin and sent a cocky Urban Meyer to the cupcake land of the Big 10? Get real, haters.

Alabama 49, The Citadel 0


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