Monday, January 15, 2018

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After a great victory, there is nothing sweeter than relishing the abject misery of your opponents. Their suffering nourishes your soul. Their anguish warms your heart. Their tears satisfy that thirst for the sweet nectar of success.

Remember when they said this?

 ‘Bama wrapped up the regular season 11-1, although it ended with a 26-14 clunker at Auburn in the Iron Bowl seven days ago. The Tide fell from No. 1 to No. 5 in the latest College Football Playoff rankings, so getting upset by the Tigers — they were playing as well as any program in the country at the time — wasn’t an eliminator.

However, with Championship Week now in the rearview mirror, Alabama doesn’t deserve to be part of the Final Four.
Or, how about when they trotted out this line?

 There’s already a problem that a four-team tournament for the championship is based on judges, as if this was the Miss Universe pageant. But at this point, it’s a total fail and a massive issue for the entire College Football Playoff process if the committee puts in Alabama just because its name is Alabama.


Oh, and this poor fool:

“If you stripped away the name ‘Alabama’ right now, take it out of the picture, is that a resume that they’ve built this year that’s top-four worthy? Hell no, Colin!” he said. “Their resume is barely better than Wisconsin’s.”

Remember when yer mama taught you to ignore everything someone says after the "but?"

I've heard many variations of the following:

"Alabama's great but blah blah blah blah blah blah blah."
All of the talking heads in the media are now still chugging from that big stinkin' cup of STFU.

Just before Auburn's epic choke against UCF in the What's Your Name Again Bowl, I had the pleasure of giggling through the Tigers broadcast team giving their playoff picks. Those geniuses consensus-picked Oklahoma vs Clemson with Oklahoma winning it all.

Bama vs Georgia for the title sticks in Auburn fans like a flaming arrow they can't reach to remove. Bama winning it all is that arrow catching their butts on fire, and you're the only bucket of water around.


Savor this win, Bama fans. They don't get much sweeter, and neither do the tears of the vanquished.


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