Monday, September 26, 2016

“Head Roll Bowl” Loser Les Miles Loses Head

Image result for les milesHe’s out.

Les Miles is now the former head coach of the Louisiana State University Bengal Tigers, and everyone saw it coming.

I can’t take credit for the term “Head Roll Bowl,” as a few of my Twitter, Facebook and TideFans pals coined it first.

But, oh my… was it prophetic.

I watched every single play of last Saturday night’s matchup between two of the four contenders for SEC West runners-up. I was both legitimately bored and completely amazed.

We knew both teams had stout defenses. We knew also that neither team had a go-to-guy at quarterback, a position which is becoming increasingly more important in SEC football. We also, also knew that LSU has college football’s best tailback in Leonard Fournette. We also, also, also knew that Auburn would sell out to stop him.

The outcome of the game—and the outcome of either coach’s career at his respective university—came down to one play. And that play would be the offensive penalty LSU committed before the highly controversial and much discussed play in which Danny Etling (1) finally saw an open receiver and (2) finally completed a pass to him.

It is often said that if the outcome of a game comes down to one play, then it’s your own damned fault for letting the game come down to that crucial play.

Had there been four, three or two seconds left at the end of regulation, we might be talking about why Gus Malzahn was fired and how Les Miles saved his job. The pass was made. The feet were down. It was a game winning score.

But it didn’t count, and now Les Miles is looking for something else to do.

Exit Questions: Why fire Miles now? Why let coach Ed “yaw-yaw” Orgeron take over as interim coach with the real meat of the SEC schedule remaining? 


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