Thursday, July 28, 2016

Remember when I said @realDonaldTrump wouldn’t fight “fair?”

That’s “fair” as described by the mainstream media and Democrats (I know… I repeat myself). In their minds, the Trump campaign was supposed to go on vacation while the Democrats held their convention in Philadelphia. That’s kind of accepted as the way things are just done. The Democrats observed media silence during the GOP convention last week, right? Of course they didn’t, but no one in the media paid any attention to that breach of protocol and instead gleefully ran every statement by the Clintonistas.

Along comes The Donald, who took the uncouth, unorthodox and totally unfair (snicker) step of holding a press conference right smack dab in the middle of the Democrats Philly lovefest, grabbing media attention and dimming the spotlight on the other side.

And to the media and Democrats (again repeating myself), abject horror, Trump sarcastically joked that if those responsible for hacking the DNC’s email server also gained access to Hillary Clinton’s homebrew email server, they should release the 33,000 messages she deleted while under subpoena.

“How dare Donald Trump hold a press conference and talk about Hillary’s email scandal?!? Totally unfair!”

I said back in May that Trump wasn’t going to fight fair; that he’s not going to run a campaign that fits within the boundaries understood by the old guard.

I also noted that not fighting fair is an American tradition that goes back to the Revolution. When you’re not in a fair fight, it’s in American DNA to not fight fair. It’s in Donald Trump’s DNA, and he’s demonstrating that by breaking not one but two rules that the media expected him to play by.

When Hillary gives her droning acceptance speech tonight, she’ll be figuratively glancing over her shoulder, wondering what Trump has next for her. As a betting man, I’m laying odds that his next move will be a shock-the-media doozy that also breaks a rule or two. 


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