Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Why Democrats need to worry about Donald Trump

Chris Cilliza stole my thunder on this topic, comparing the presumptive GOP nominee to that unpredictable, yet talented pickup basketball player. He's the guy who never does what you expect and keeps you off your game.

Chris is absolutely right, and here's why.

Hillary Clinton and her supporters are building a massive political machine geared for winning a national election. So is Trump, but he ain't doing it right, if you ask the wizened veteran political observer. While the Clinton camp builds a machine according to well known and oft-followed rules, the Trump camp is breaking almost every rule in the book.

Nothing is more American than fighting a war against the rules, and this dates back to the Revolutionary War.

The Red coats trained and planned for full-on frontal combat, where two armies faced each other on the battlefield.

The Americans were having none of that, choosing instead to fight a guerilla campaign that had colonists picking off Red coats like ducks in a carnival shooting gallery. Hell, those dastardly rebels even aimed and shot at officers! (that simply wasn't done in gentlemanly warefare).

The Brits never figured it all out and got whipped.

Fast forward a quarter millennium and observe. Using the most unorthodox means, The Donald systematically destroyed the deepest GOP field in modern political history.

No one in Europe gave Washington much of a c
hance in 1776. No one gave Trump much of a chance last year either (myself included). But here he is, one election away from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Trump will use the same tactics against Democrats. He will refuse to fight on their terrain. He will use his MASSIVE social media presence to ridicule, infuriate and bewilder the dinosaur-ish Clintons.

And he will do it to the cheers of millions of Americans who innately understand that when you're not in a fair fight, you don't fight fair.

Trump will not fight fair.

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