Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Morning Six Pack: August 7, 2013 and 24 days until Alabama football Hump Day edition of the Morning Six Pack, with six cool, clear and crisp college football stories from around SEC Country.

Alabama Crimson Tide's Nick Saban pleased after first day of pads

Alabama’s top-ranked football team worked indoors for two hours Tuesday afternoon, the team’s first practice in full pads.

Auburn installs temporary wire structure for fans to roll at Toomer's Corner

The wires form a "V" at the intersection, where Auburn fans father to roll the corner with toilet paper following football wins[Snort].

Burton likes versatile role

Trey Burton's versatility finds him in several positions. He's listed as a fullback, but is known to play all over the field.

Alabama notebook: Bell coming back after broken leg

Kenny Bell is still cautious after five days of training camp, but he's making progress on his injured leg from last season.

Reuben Foster doesn't look like a freshman? Yes he does, Alabama's C.J. Mosley says

"You know freshmen always come in running around everywhere," Mosley says. "We've just got to make sure that we keep them calm and make sure they don't get to down on themselves, because this system is hard to learn."


The guys in charge might pretend to be pained, but nobody gets too worked up about amateur stuff like eligibility any more, least of all the kids on whose backs the empire rests. They, too, can see college football for what it's become: the NFL's de facto minor league. It's great to have rowers, field hockey players and cheerleaders who will become engineers, accountants and marketing reps in the future.

They make for good commercials, and a good front for a non-profit like the NCAA, but they don't make any money. They're the farthest thing, in truth, regarding what college sports is really about.

Instead, it's about kids like Manziel — and Newton and Terrelle Pryor, too — and keeping their sense of entitlement in check long enough to make a few dollars off their talent before they get theirs. If nothing else, Manziel already looks like one of those guys who's going to make the higher-ups earn every penny — plus more than their fair share of heartburn in the bargain.

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