Monday, August 12, 2013

Morning Six Pack: August 12, 2013 and 19 days until kickoff, it’s Monday again. It’s back to school and back to another six cool, fresh college football stories from around SEC Country.

Really, Brando?

On Sunday, CBS host and troll extraordinaire Tim Brando revealed his top ten picks for the upcoming college football season.

Healthy Thompson ready to compete

Most college football players dread the mid-August dog days, with no games to look forward to after long, hot practices. Not Colin Thompson.

Former NCAA enforcement official says A&M should hold Manziel out if investigation lingers

"A&M will not play Johnny Manziel if there's any question that he could be ineligible."

Alabama WR Amari Cooper hasn't slowed down since breakout freshman season

The Crimson Tide sophomore says he's eight pounds heavier and faster than he was as a freshman.

NCAA questions Mississippi State's Chris Jones on Ole Miss recruitment

The NCAA has questioned Chris Jones, a 2013 Mississippi State signee, on the subject of his recruitment by Ole Miss.


Johnny Manziel lawyered up this week, making it a virtual certainty the Texas A&M quarterback won’t become the second back-to-back Heisman Trophy winner in history.

It’s not as if the kid doesn’t need and deserve an attorney. Lord knows with the NCAA’s record of unconscionable investigative tactics, Manziel needs legal advice as much as a quarterback needs a solid offensive line.

Manziel took to Twitter like Michael Phelps took to water. He tweeted pictures of himself at a casino. He tweeted his desire to get out of College Station, Texas.

Johnny Manziel, “Johnny Football” as he’s known, has 471,602 Twitter followers which makes him an Internet rock star. It’s loud in Johnny’s world — very, very loud.

Manziel managed to slip out of his Twitter blunders like he’s able to avoid direct hits — it’s an art.


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