Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Morning Six Pack: July 3, 2013 and 59 days’ right along on a warmish Independence Day Eve with six cold new college football stories from around the country, with an SEC flavor, of course.

Full recovery expected after UGA DL Toby Johnson undergoes surgery

A transfer from a lower level to Georgia will be sidelined for the next week and a half, Georgia announced Tuesday.

An Alabama commitment and an Auburn recruiting target under review at The Opening

We're talking quarterbacks -- and quarterbacks are being examined and talked about in Oregon, too, where The Opening football camp is ongoing.

Goodell, Meyer to hold safety clinic

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and Ohio State coach Urban Meyer will host a safety clinic next month for about 600 mothers of youth football players.

Former Auburn RB Dyer seeks new chance

Former Auburn and Arkansas State running back Michael Dyer says he would prefer to play college football rather than enter the NFL supplemental draft.

Ole Miss finds no recruiting wrongdoing among emails submitted to compliance office

"Many of those emails repeat similar, unsubstantiated rumors. None of the emails provide first-hand information and none have led to any findings of violations."


"Obviously I'm in the business of working with young men. I tell them all the time as they leave college and head into the working world: The mentors are far more important than the job itself," he said. "The willingness to learn and do whatever it takes, choose great mentors. I know I am a great product, as is Coach Krzyzewski, of great families. Our mentors, our coaches.

"It was an incredible experience for me to be around Coach (Bear) Bryant, to see his passion and dedication. The things I took away from him I still profess today. Football has changed a lot, but coaching football hasn't changed as much as people might think. I would say Mike would agree with that.

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