Thursday, July 25, 2013

Morning Six Pack: July 25, 2013 and 37 days until Ahhh… to the Thursday edition of the Morning Six Pack, where we find six cool, fresh college football stories from around the country.

High expectations no burden for star sophomore Yeldon

After losing a talented starter in such a key position, there's no question how the Alabama football team moves forward in the backfield. The Crimson Tide goes with the next man in line: T.J. Yeldon.

Defense, ground game used to rule SEC, but new era has come to pass

It's football the way Bear Bryant would have loved it.

Meyer Talks Discipline; Pac-12 Rivals Talk Tempo

Urban Meyer answered few questions about his talented Ohio State team and its championship aspirations at Big Ten media day.

Once a critic, Auburn defensive coordinator Ellis Johnson now sees benefits of uptempo offenses

The Auburn defensive coordinator doesn't see how hurry-up offenses lead to more injuries, but he does believe defenses should have a few seconds to get set before offenses snap the ball.

Receiver Jones to transfer

Texas wide receiver Cayleb Jones, who was suspended after being charged with punching and breaking the jaw of a Longhorns tennis player, will transfer from the program, the school announced Wednesday.


Within a tradition-rich Southeastern Conference where at least three schools -- Alabama, Auburn and LSU -- haven't made a significant uniform change in more than 50 years, just how tightly should fans cling to their proud pasts regarding their favorite team's work clothes?

Does dressing for success in the SEC mean remaining frozen in time? Do unis unite or divide? And what about this post from "Olddogsrule" on a UT message board: "Actually, for any given year, whatever makes the players feel confident and they want to wear. It's their team! Not ours."


Lifelong Georgia fan Mike Weaver would debate that.

The general contractor still winces over those Power Ranger outfits the Bulldogs donned in their Georgia Dome loss to Boise State a couple of years ago.

"You know how Southerners are," he said. "We don't want anything to change. I want them to look like they did 50 years ago. And everybody I talk to wants the same thing: They want them to stay traditional."

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