Monday, May 6, 2013

Morning Six Pack: May 6, 2013

Cinco de Mayo Hangover? Bah, get right back on that horse with these six college football stories from around SEC Country.

Alabama star making progress

Derrick Henry didn't need to say much to excite his massive Twitter following on Friday.

College Recruiting: Herschel Walker's nephew headed out of state for college football

The nephew of Herschel Walker, UGA’s all-time greatest football player, won’t be signing with the Bulldogs.

Kentucky's Lowery responding well after accident

On Friday night, Kentucky safety Ashely Lowery was hospitalized after he was in a serious car accident in Georgia. Lowery was ejected from his vehicle and landed 100 feet away from the initial crash. 

When it comes to turning high school talent into NFL draft picks, Vandy - not Alabama - tops list

"We examine the average rating points (typically a function of the number of rated high school recruits in a class) by conference over the relevant recruiting periods for the 2013 NFL Draft."

SEC Network ushers in new era of college sports

If you find it interesting that there’s real conversation about the major five football conferences “breaking away” from the NCAA and forming their own league, you should realize that this is happening whether or not we recognize its official status.


"Most of the news has probably been that we've been out-of-state, which we have," Richt said, alluding to, but not mentioning because of NCAA rules, commitments from tailback Sony Michel from Florida, and tight end Jeb Blazevich from North Carolina. But the strategy is to make sure we're really hitting Georgia hard during the time frame when the kids are actually out there practicing. Because it's an evaluation period. It's the best time to evaluate them, is during practice."

Richt said they haven't actually been targeting out-of-state recruits. He said the reason they've been outside Georgia so much lately is the high school schedule: Most Georgia spring practices are later in the year, like around now.

"It means a lot to us when our high school teams in Georgia are practicing," Richt said. "You're gonna hear a lot of us being in Georgia right now because they're practicing. I don't want to send a bad message that we're going out of state first, because it's not our priority to do that. But it just practically makes the most sense because we want to be in Georgia when our guys practice."

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