Friday, May 24, 2013

Morning Six Pack: May 24, 2013, and only 99 days until kickoff!’re celebrating the under hundred with six cool, clear and heady college football stories from here and there.

Notre Dame paid Weis more than Kelly in 2011

Former Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis made more from the school in the 2011 season than Brian Kelly, the man who actually coached the Irish…

Oklahoma schools team up for disaster relief effort

The three biggest schools in Oklahoma have teamed up to design a shirt to sell to raise money for disaster relief in the state.

Big freshman checks in at No. 13 in countdown

Just a quick recap of what this countdown is. Over the next few weeks, we will take a look at our choices for the 25 people who will have a short-term and a long-term effect on the rebuilding of the Auburn football program.

Butch Jones quickly wins over UT fans

He hasn’t won (or lost) a game as Tennessee Vols coach yet, but Butch Jones is being treated like a conquering hero.

Univ. Maryland attorney argues against ACC exit fee

The ACC is asking Maryland for the full exit fee mandated by the Terps' league departure.


Kenny Bell has made a living with the deep ball. Kevin Norwood tends to get overlooked, but has been the source of many an LSU fan’s nightmare. Christion Jones’ hands are made of industrial grade flypaper, and moves like a fart in a whirlwind. Erase any of the aforementioned and DeAndrew White becomes one of the 2-3 most talented receivers Bama has had in over a decade. Then there’s talk of Chris Black, sidelined early by injury last season, being the best of the lot. And Falkins, Foster and Stewart could start for half the SEC right now.

Simply put, this receiving corps has the kind of talent that could’ve made former Bama quarterback (and transfer) Jimmy Barnes look like a gun slinger.

It’s easy to understand how important this year’s wide receiver group will be to the success of this Alabama team. Take away the 6 touchdown passes thrown to running backs and tight ends last season, and McCarron still would have broken the Alabama school record for touchdown passes in a season with the remaining pair he threw to his wide receivers.

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